EnerQì – Strengthening Meditation

ÉnerQi – Meditation and Strengthening

EnerQì develops our deep strength and encourages assertiveness. At the same time, Qì Gong leads to more suppleness and elasticity of movements – the feeling of flowing through the world.

What is EnerQì?

EnerQì is a meditative practice consisting of exercises with dumbbells for specific musckes (muscle strengthening) and Qi Gong exercises (circulation of the meridians) between the individual sets. The essential muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, stomach, legs, buttocks and back are strengthened during training units of one hour each. EnerQi could be well  described as “breathing meditation with weight”

A regular practice of EnerQi strengthens and considerably increases respiratory capacity, an important source of energy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This results in a general development of  strength and vitality.