Fascias Massage – Structural Integration

Fascia Massage / Structural Integration

Fascia massage can initiate a process of releasing old tensions, relieving chronic pain, reducing postural asymmetries, building up more energy and therefor stagnant life situations can be stimulated.

The first point and main pillar of Tao training is the fascia massage, consisting of a series of seven basic treatments of 75 minutes, through which it is possible to release deep-seated tension and rebalance incorrect posture. The first three basic treatments work on the superficial fascia, the following four on the deeper ones. Subsequently, remaining posture problems are dealt with in three following integration sessions. 

Chronic blockages can be resolved and thus the causes for a wide variety of symptoms and diseases can be withdrawn. Structural work on the fascial system enables holistic restructuring and development of body, soul and spirit.

Topics that emerge and deal with in the treatments can be:

  • Breathing and heart opening (chest, diaphragm, shoulders, arms)
  • Connect / ground to the roots (feet, legs, pelvis))
  • Contact and relationship (shoulder and pelvic girdles, arms, hands)
  • Ability to surrender and let go (back, buttocks, back of legs)
  • Centering and trust (psoas – the connection between stomach, pelvis, leg)
  • Sincerity and flexibility (spine, back)