What are the Fascias?

What are fasciae?

Fasciae form a network of connective tissue  that envelops the body as a whole as well as individual structures (muscles, organs, nerves, brain, etc.). A lack of exercise, trauma, stress or excessive strain can create adhesions or other disturbances in the fascial system.

Emotionally unprocessed conditions are often deposited in the fasciae – past experiences can cause fasciae to stick together. This “fascial armoring” can be gradually processed and made more permeable with  fascia massage – our being becomes freer again.

The two main tasks of the fascia are shaping and communication:
The fasciae determine the shape of the human body. Through fascia massage we can influence it in its entirety. As a result, the structure of the body can realign itself and correct incorrect posture.

Fasciae also encompass many of the nociceptors (pain receptors), proprioceptors (self-perception receptors) as well as cells of the immune system. With fascia massage – especially in combination with targeted pain therapy – pain can be reduced or completely eliminated, the immune system is strengthened.