Meridian Massage / Acupressure

Acupressure harmonizes the Qì and has a regenerating and vitalizing effect on body, mind and soul / psyche.

Acupressure relaxes and detoxifies the skin, connective tissue and muscles. In addition, it harmonizes the Qì (the life energy that flows in the meridians).

This has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system, the metabolism and the functions of the internal organs. In Chinese medicine (TCM), not only the physiological functions of an organ, but also the feelings and thought patterns assigned to it are of importance and are related to one another. Meridian massage and acupressure therefore not only have a regenerating and vitalizing effect on the body, but also on mind and soul / psyche.

If there is enough Qi in the body and it circulates without blockages, the organism is healthy and the thinking is clear.

The three basic treatments and their effects:

1. The Tài Yáng treatment
This massage addresses the elements fire and water (meridians of the small intestine, bladder, kidney and heart envelope)
It is mainly used for relaxation and regeneration, it brings us into the water, into the feeling and into the fire – it warms our hearts.

2. The Shào Yáng treatment
This massage addresses the elements wood and metal (meridians Sanjiao and gallbladder, liver and lungs)
The Shào Yáng activation gives assertiveness and dynamism, Strength to set off – perhaps long awaited and desire for adventure.

3. The Yáng Mìng treatment
This massage addresses the element earth (meridians of the large intestine and stomach, spleen-pancreas and heart)
The Yáng Mìng treatment grounds and calms, promotes the principle of order in us. At the same time it gives you self-confidence, you feel accepted, welcome to earth.